Best Christian Colleges for Psychology

What are some of the best Christian colleges for psychology?


Earn a Psychology degree

The following Assemblies of God universities offer at least one psychology degree and have retention rates of 70% for all subjects. This data comes from the National Center for Education Statistics:

  • University of Valley Forge
  • Vanguard University
  • Southwestern University
  • Evangel University
  • Northwest University


The list above highlights a few of the best Christian colleges for psychology, particularly for students wishing to attend an Assemblies of God (AG) college or university. All five of these AG schools have at least one program in the field of psychology and have retention rates across all subjects significantly higher than average.


Once graduates of Christian universities begin their careers, they may find that the type of academic and spiritual education they have attained will give them a distinct advantage within the field of psychology.


The reasons for this are varied. However, a job as a counselor or therapist requires patience, listening skills, and the ability to empathize with clients. It may be that students with psychology degrees from a Christian university are more prepared spiritually for the rigors of this job.


Let’s hear more about the field of psychology from Mark A. Griffin, who runs the Christian Business Consulting firm “In His Name” and blogs on the subject of Christianity within the field of business.

At the University of Valley Forge, one of the best Christian colleges for psychology based on the data presented above, our Bachelor of Psychology program equips students with foundational knowledge in the psychology, human behavior, human growth and development, and biblical education, among other key principles.


Kathy Caruso, Associate Professor of Psychology in the Behavioral Sciences Department at the University of Valley Forge, shares her thoughts about the potential benefits of studying psychology at a Christian university:

Q. What sets the psychology program apart at UVF?
A. I could speak on this forever! When I got to UVF I was determined to make this the best undergraduate psychology program in the area.  And I think it is.  Our alums come back and say they are better prepared for grad school than their peers from other schools.  Our grads have also gotten great jobs in the field.  These are varied positions–substance abuse counselors, case managers, and one graduate even had a Spanish language mental health program in Philadelphia for a time.  We really care about our students and we want them to succeed!!

Q. How do you think students, particularly psychology students, benefit from attending a Christian university?
A. True counseling cannot be done without God’s intervention.  He is the Healer.  We are only His tools.  At a Christian university you have the benefit of being exposed to both the Christian and secular view.  In a secular institute you only get half of the training. Christian viewpoints are not always accepted at secular colleges, so being at a Christian college actually gives you more academic freedom.

Q. What should Christian students look for in a great psychology program?
A. Christian students should…look for a faculty with experience in the field and a university with the proven record we have in the workplace and in graduate school acceptance.

Q. Why does the field of psychology need graduates of Christian colleges?
A. Spirituality is a huge part of psychology.  There are many, many clients of the Christian faith who will appreciate a Christian counseling worldview.


Learn more about University of Valley Forge’s Psychology Program (online)
Learn more about University of Valley Forge’s Psychology Program (on campus)

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