Scholarships For Online Christian College Students

Attend an Affordable Christian College with These Scholarship Resources


If you have recently made the important decision to attend an affordable Christian college, your next step is to research all the ways to make your education as budget friendly as possible. Going to school online, which can often provide the flexibility necessary to continue working, is one way that students make an education financially viable.


Scholarships are another important component of the patchwork of financial support most prospective students need in order to attain their degree. The key to your research is to understand the scholarship resources available to you as a prospective online student.


Start your research with these two scholarships specifically for online students:


GetEducated Distance Learning Scholarship


Christian Connect Distance Learning Scholarship

  • Amount: $1,000
    Details: This Christian distance learning site offers a prize drawing for a $1,000 scholarship towards an online Christian education.
    Deadline: Ongoing
    Find out more:


A tip for online graduate students: Try looking for scholarships that are specific to your field.


Advice from an Expert


For more tips on scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students studying online, here’s what Linda Stein, Director of Financial Aid at the University of Valley Forge, has to say.


  1. How do you suggest online students research scholarship opportunities?

There are many sites available to help students with their financial costs. It’s a matter of taking the time to research and determine which sites will be helpful to you. is a popular and reputable scholarship search website.


  1. What are some important things to keep in mind when researching a scholarship? 
  • Do not spend your money on a website or other scholarship organization that charges for their service.
  • Do not give anyone a copy of your FAFSA which includes your social security number and date of birth without first removing this information.
  • Be mindful that websites may just be looking to collect your personal information to sell to other companies.
  • Make sure you meet the requirements of the scholarship before you apply.


  1. What are three main things to keep in mind when writing a scholarship application?
  2. Have three written letters of reference available.
  3. Keep a portfolio of all your academic and athletic achievements, community service projects, leadership roles and any other awards or honors you have received.
  4. Most scholarship applications require a written personal statement. This explains who you are and your future goals – features that should set you apart from other applicants.


  1. What factors increase a student’s likelihood of getting a scholarship?

The better the student’s ability to articulate why they would be a good candidate for the scholarship, the better their chance. Someone with excellent writing skills should proofread all letters and applications before they are submitted.  Involvement in extracurricular activities and volunteer work is looked upon favorably when being considered for a scholarship.


  1. Are there things students can do to follow up after a scholarship has been submitted?

It is always a nice touch to follow-up on a submitted application with an email thanking the organization for their generous scholarship opportunity and for their time in reviewing their application. It is also appropriate to ask if a decision has been made. However, too many contacts could have a negative effect on the student’s chance of securing the scholarship.


A final note: It may not be obvious if a scholarship covers distance education – you may not see “online students” specifically addressed – so you will need to do your homework to make sure you qualify. But it is worth spending the time to investigate all potential options. Here are a few general resources to get you started on your search:



With these tips in hand, you’re ready to tackle the challenge of creating for yourself an affordable online Christian college opportunity at the University of Valley Forge.