Online Master’s in Digital Media Degree

  • Affordable tuition: $14,025
  • Estimated completion: as few as 21 months
  • No GRE/GMAT required
  • Start dates

Whether you are already a communications professional or want to get into the field, the online Master’s in Digital Media degree program at the University of Valley Forge will teach you the solid foundations and latest implementations you need to stay ahead in the fast-moving world of digital media communications.

Why the University of Valley Forge (UVF) for your Master’s in Digital Media degree?

As a student of this online digital media master’s degree program, you will research and analyze current and trending topics, evaluate and interpret media products and human interaction with digital media, then develop, produce and publish digital media products, integrating information with high aesthetic value using current and emerging techniques. At UVF, you will also have the opportunity to more fully define your Christian worldview, while exploring creative approaches to leadership and learning how you can help others generate and maintain creativity to accomplish outstanding goals and products.

Online Master’s in Digital Media Degree Program Setup

This program is designed as a 33-credit hour online program, which students can complete from the comfort of their homes and offices. Students will have the option of choosing the Production Track or the Communications Track, depending on their interests. Some elective courses in production techniques are available in one-week intensive formats in laboratories on the University of Valley Forge campus, which are designed to help you master the latest audio and video hardware technologies.

The program requirements are the following:

  1. DIG 510: Qualitative Research Methodology (3 credits)
  2. DIG 520: Media Literacy, Culture, and the Christian (3 credits)
  3. DIG 610: Leadership Development in Digital Media (3 credits)
  4. DIG 620: New Marketing in Digital Media (3 credits)
  5. DIG 630: Law, Policy, and Ethics in Online Communication (3 credits)
  6. DIG 640: Multi-Platform Media Production (3 credits)
  7. DIG 698: Directed Project in Digital Media I (3 credits)
  8. DIG 699: Directed Project in Digital Media II (3 credits)

Production Track:

  1. DIG 530: Advanced Video and Audio Production Workshop (3 credits)
  2. DIG 540: Design and Aesthetic Development Workshop (3 credits)
  3. DIG 541: Graphic Design and Photography Workshop (3 credits)

Communications Track:

  1. COM 540: Strategic Communication Theory
  2. DIG 563: Corporate Brand Communications (3 credits)
  3. DIG 573: Advanced Analytics for Social Media (3 credits)

Learning outcomes of your online Master’s in Digital Media degree

By the completion of your digital media master’s degree program, you will have demonstrated ability to:

  1. Apply new media concepts in the field of digital media and produce a variety of examples of creative and strategic communication.
  2. Research current and trending topics to analyze, evaluate, and interpret communication, media products, and human interaction with, and use of, digital media.
  3. Demonstrate leadership skills by leading teams in applied digital media settings.
  4. Define and articulate a personal theology of service and leadership that incorporates a Christian worldview with an ethical approach to digital media.
  5. Develop, produce, and publish advanced digital media products integrating information with high aesthetic value using a variety of computer applications.

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