Online Master’s in Music Technology

  • Choose from three tracks: Production, Composition, & Education
  • Estimated completion: As little as 18 months

The Master of Arts in Music Technology degree and its associated coursework cover music production, digital video, multimedia, distance learning, and music notation. Students can expect a rigorous graduate-level learning environment where they will use many hardware and software technologies to produce a variety of creative and strategic musical projects. The musical and technical skills needed by creative artists and communicators are emphasized, as the curriculum includes current technologies and research. Much of the program can be completed through distance learning. Worship leaders, practicing performers, composers and educators alike will benefit from this Master’s in Music Technology program.

Choose a concentration for your Master’s in Music Technology

  • Composition: Learn to use technologies useful in composition of music, and produce compositions integrating audio, video, and multimedia
  • Education: Learn to produce audio, video, multimedia, and print materials for the music classroom using music technology
  • Production: Learn to plan, set up, record, edit, and produce audio and video musical productions

Online Master’s in Music Technology Program Setup

The program may be completed in a total of 33 credit hours. The degree can be earned in three summers or in a traditional two-year approach. Each course is 3 credit hours except applied performance courses, which vary from 1 to 2 credits each.

For a list of all program requirements by track, please see the course catalog.

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