Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Counseling

  • Affordable tuition: $23,400
  • Estimated completion: 36 months
  • Start dates

The medical community has recognized the strong link between healthy bodies and healthy minds. This relationship has opened the door for psychology professionals with counseling experience to offer a vital component of whole-person care.

The University of Valley Forge’s online Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Counseling degree completion program will teach you how to care for people with mental and emotional disorders, addictions, relationship challenges, stress and anxiety, and more.

Why the University of Valley Forge for your psychology degree?

As a private Christian university, the University of Valley Forge is especially committed to equipping ethical professionals in the field of psychology and counseling. Under the guidance of our field-experienced faculty, you will learn foundational knowledge in human behavior, growth and development, and the biblical principles of counseling. You also will enjoy hands-on experience through direct application of psychology and counseling case studies. Upon graduation, you will have the professional and personal skills necessary to develop into a competent, caring counseling professional.

Help those who need you most.

Graduates of our Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Counseling program typically work under the guidance of a licensed counselor in outpatient clinics, nursing homes, and community health and mental health centers. Many graduates go on to earn their Master’s degree in psychology and counseling. Popular career choices with this degree include:

  • Addictions counselor
  • Human resources professional
  • Case manager
  • Church ministry professional
  • Community relations professional
  • Human services professional
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation worker
  • Therapeutic staff support counselor
  • Substance abuse counselor

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